Wednesday, August 14, 2013

reasons why my patio is not as civilized as i'd like

reason number one:

reason number two: 

this post is for you.


Dawn said...

after your garage organizing post and i saw a glimpse of your patio...i was going to ask you what you have done out there...i remember it well, and was so envious of the covered space you have!!

Emily said...

You have an amazing space out there! Move over little doggies, and make room for Mama!

martha said...

oh my this is LOVELY Catie! ANd 2 very sweet patio sitters as well...LOVE THIS! the patio flooring is so pretty-what is it? I DO hope you have some patio sitting time Catie....just keep a bowl of dogtreats and basket of chewies and toys nearby?? hugs!
grins too!

Anastasia Egórova Fotografia said...

Both "reasons" are so cute! :)

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