Saturday, August 3, 2013


not only does it feel
like life is just speeding ahead of me,
i am reminded constantly
of the need to
-hurry up-
-keep up-
-catch up-

i'll tell you what,
i've had it.

i am ready to have a new relationship
with time.
i will no longer tolerate the impatience
and the rushing around
and simply doing too much.

i am ready to
take my time.
my own sweet time.

my new treasury is called
you'd better go have a closer look
right here
take your time.
take a deeeeep breath.
sleep in.
smell the roses.
lay an egg if you want to.

you can listen to joni sing it here


Georgia Jones said...

Thank you..I needed to hear this today.

Emily said...

Brilliant idea!

Kelly at Chatelaine said...

I remember when I got to this point too, Catie. I don't see as many friends, and don't volunteer much like I used to. Having older kids who are practically on their own help. If I don't have to go anywhere I don't, and I don't commit to anything that won't enhance my day/life. Cheers to slow walks, slow food, slow summer days. xx

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