Tuesday, August 13, 2013

tacos {and more}

it's that time of year for
find the recipe here and here

tonight, i also made
hakuna gazpacho
{shhhhhh! hakuna recipes are not really recipes}
just chopped tomatoes & cucumbers
& tomatillos,
plus some bloody mary mix!
{it's what i had on hand = hakuna!}
and a little fresh garlic
balsamic vinegar & salt & pepper.
chopped, then a quick little ~zhuzh~
with my stick blender.
no cooking - it's raw and cold.
perfect for summer.

we are loving this grocery store salsa
{from winco!}
unlike most grocery store salsas,
it's really hot.
label reads, "caution: scary hot"

and if you are not
following me on instagram
you are missing out on this sort of thing:
that's right,
pepper cuddle.


emily eyer-ryder said...

save some for me!!!!

Dawn said...

ok to be honest...i have never had gazpacho...i know my kids would not eat it because its cold, but it look delish...i love green bean tacos..you turned me on to themm, of course :)

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