Wednesday, August 7, 2013

what i use to wash my face

it tastes like frosting,
and you can make it in your kitchen
using just two ingredients.

just blend up some coconut oil
then add a little honey

so easy & actually delicious. 

how to use it:

in the bath or shower,
massage it into wet skin,
then gently buff off with warm water
and a soft, wet washcloth.

especially great on your face,
but lovely for your whole body.

be careful,
as it can leave your tub slippery.

coconut oil remains solid at 76ºF and below.
if it gets warm it will be a liquid oil,
but still totally usable.

this is so nourishing and gentle.
it is great for my 40+ skin,
and, believe it or not,
for marian's teenage skin.

this is the only face wash we use.
we've been doing this for nearly a year
{before this we used olive oil, then plain coconut oil}
and we both swear by it.


Emily said...

This sounds wonderful!!!
I also saw on a blog to take a lemon half, squeeze honey on it, and rub it all over your face to exfoliate, remove impurities, etc. Do this once a week. She swears it helped remove blackheads!

Georgia Jones said...

Definitely doing this! Thank you!

Pam said...

oh how i love the many uses of coconut oil!! and i will be adding this one to my growing list! merci mon ami! xo

Dawn said...

Seriously?? I will try this and the lemon trick Em just mentioned!

catie said...

note: this takes some getting used to. of course, there is no "lather" but the oil dissolves any dirt/oil on your skin and leaves it feeling dewy. it is my version of the OCM {oil cleansing method} ♥

Dawn said...

i was going to ask you if this was like the ocm...i am anxious to try!

Dawn said... more thing :) i use coconut oil to take off my eye makeup every.single.night....never thought to go any further :)

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

I have used the Olive Oil CM for 2 years, love it!!! But, just back from the East Coast and my skin dried out. Today is a 'day off' from all make up and I've slathered coconut oil on my face all day. Will try this too. xoxo

catie said...

vava ~ i have actually found coconut oil to be a little bit drying. i like to use coconut oil for cleansing & olive oil for moisturizing. good luck with re-hydrating ; )

mary said...

going to try this catie! I was using coconut oil occasionally as a moisturizer but skin is feeling so dry right now. question: do you use a certain kind of olive oil? one that has the least o.o. scent maybe

catie said...

mary, it's so weird, but yes coconut oil will dry out your skin. i love the olive oil scent! but don't worry, it doesn't stay on your skin. i just use the same organic extra virgin olive oil i have a big bottle in my pantry. and, olive oil works great for cleansing, too. marian left to visit emily for a week & didn't bring any "face wash" {she uses my coconut/honey blend} because she new em would have olive oil in her kitchen : )

Dawn said...

Catie. ? What does the honey do? I have used the co two nights in a row....not seeing any big that's a good thing to start :)

catie said...

dawn, it makes the consistency, um, clingier, more luxurious... and honey is good for your skin ~ healing & nutritious. and it makes it taste better ; )

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