Sunday, August 11, 2013

sunday, around here

kids snoozing

dogs snoozing

garage organizing

trying out vscocam.
do you use it?


martha said...

seems like a winning day...I wanna see more of your lovely back patio!
Any garage organizing tips? It is our high priority proj for when it gets cooler....

catie said...

martha, it could be so nice out there, but it is in the dog zone. i'm trying to spiff it up & i'll take more pictures.
as for the garage, the only thing that helps me is using bins with clear labels. another strategy that i haven't tried is to just haul everything out into the driveway & set it on fire.
that might work best : )

martha said...

love it catie! Or garage is called Narnia-angrily/fondly...TOP of the list! have also been tempted by the set fire idea

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