Tuesday, August 27, 2013

today, in our neck of the woods

marian started high school
-galaxy skirt from las vegas-
-blue suede shoes from mallorca-

emily ate lots of tomatoes

ned drew a picture & wrote an essay


Pam said...

best of luck in high school marian! you look beautiful!
i love tomatoes too emily...best right off the vine!
so glad you had a fun trip ned!

Emily said...

Enjoy your first year of HS Marian! You look beautiful on your first day. Good job Ned! You are a great writer and I love your drawing. When does Emily go back?

Dawn said...

Marian you are rocking that outfit! The blue suede shoes are killer! I have a tomatoe plant but Smokey ate all them all when he was here (love that memory now :) Ned...that hummingbird is awesome...you have reminded me to make food for my feeder!

catie said...

emily ~ emily goes back to santa cruz this weekend. her classes start next week ♥

Anastasia Egorova said...

Congratulations, Marian, with your start! I love your skirt and the shoeeeees! :)

I share the passion to tomatoes with Emily! :)

Ned's picture is adorable!!!! And the essay is sweet! :)

martha said...

I love this little snippet on ech of them...have a good year Emily, Marian and Ned!!

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