Monday, October 21, 2013

scenes from monday

taking this cutie for a walk
{i carry her most of the way}
she still doesn't have an official name,
but we're really leaning towards betsy.
today, we learned that her mom's name is bets.
she had a special visit today from the family who saved her.
she is so loved.

legos at the library

if there was an award for "weirdest" ned said mine would win

tomatoes after dark
it's getting cold & their days are numbered.
i never tire of the fragrant leaves,
the official scent of summer.


Emily said...

I really love Betsy Catie.
She is so, so sweet, and I don't even know her!
P.S. I like your wonky lego creation!

Georgia Jones said...

This pup is so sweet and I am happy she has found such a loving home. Betsy seems like a fitting name, but she also looks like a Rosey to me.

Love Lego Mondays❤

Denise said...

Betsy is so adorable. She's a lucky little girl to have found her way to you. xo

Dawn said...

I love Betsy too :)
My boys LOVED legos sooo much...Lucy, not so much :)
I bought Method brand soap and spray cleaner over the summer called tomato smelled just like the real thing!

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