Tuesday, October 1, 2013


marian & her friend nancy
fascinating fact: this photo was taken at 7pm.
at 2pm, neither one of them had a dress or shoes!

marian carried my grandma grace's gold mesh evening bag
from the 20's.  perfect for the gatsby theme, no?
this has been mine for as long as i can remember.
i carried it to some of my high school dances.
you know, back in the olden days.
{want one?  i found an exact match here}
nancy's mom & i took the girls out
to merritt's country cafe
for a late night breakfast.
{i got sconed at merritt's earlier this week.}

here's a tip for you...
if you find yourself in a little breakfast joint
late at night, 
with lots of teenagers
and a juke box,
play these two songs.
the waitress will turn them up loud
and everyone will sing along.

yes, even this one...


Pam said...

marian looks beautiful!! the dress! the hair!! the shoes!! and yes..the bag!! wow! hope the girls had fun xo

Emily said...

Marian and her friend really pulled it off! Look at that hair----swoon!

Dawn said...

they look adorable! bennett has homecoming this weekend, and i wish they would do theme's instead of the whole tux and dress gig..uugghh!

martha said...

o how fun their homecoming must've been! marian was so pretty! love this peek into their fun!

Anastasia Egorova said...

Marian is so sweet (always) , but even more in such a lovely dress!
And the hair and manicure - I see she was preparing seriously ! :)

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