Sunday, October 27, 2013

weather change

today's change in the weather
mirrored my mood exactly.
almost instantaneously,
the weather shifted
from glorious-crisp-sunny
to moody-windy-cloudy.
the overall effect was very cozy.
i baked more of this
and spontaneous napping occurred


Emily said...

There is nothing better than a cool but cozy fall day!

Kelly at Chatelaine said...

loving a bit of colder weather myself here in the rockies. snow tomorrow, and very cold and cloudy this a.m. pups and kids napping peacefully...just the best.

Pam said...

catie..what did you end up naming her? we are also enjoying cooler temps, lots of wind and leaves falling on the paris
would love to have a cup of tea with you and enjoy some of that yummy bread!

catie said...

pam, we think she is betsy.
still not ready to commit.
she is snoozing in my lap right now ♥

Dawn said...

My perfect Sunday was similar minus the bread and the darling puppy :-)

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