Thursday, October 24, 2013

three favorite things

the first two of these favorites can be found at target.
{the third, however, cannot}
whenever i buy things like this at a big retailer,
things i consider to be alternative,
i am casting my vote for more wholesome, safe products.

{hint: they don't smell like radish}

{try the coconut nectar}

miss fluff puff


Emily said...

I'm in love with the new radish scent!
My favorite so far with Mrs. Meyers.

martha said...

will look up these target that little fluff puff so much!!!

gretchen said...

Haven't seen the radish scent , but I will look for it. I'd buy it for the color of the label alone! And Fluff Pup is adorable!!

Dawn said...

I must sniff the radish :)
and I have been looking at the pacifica lip stuff and didn't know which I do :) I love their tuscan blood orange hand creme too!! BUT I would really like your third favorite thing!

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