Monday, October 28, 2013

three things

my favorite chocolate,
a new beeswax candle,

and muppet yoga.


Dawn said...

ok..yum chocolate
beeswax candle from etsy??
and seriously...the yoga pose kills me.. i love her..♥

catie said...

that candle is just from a local store. i usually buy them at my coop. i've been keeping a fancy mercury glass candle from anthro alive for a full year by just setting another beeswax votive in the center. it even still smells like the original candle since there's lots of fragrant wax on the sides ♥

Brittan said...

Nothing like the smell of beeswax candles!
And that pup! AWWWW!!! So cute! We actually just adopted a pup with only 3 legs (she was born without a back foot and the vet decided it would be best for her if it was amputated). She is thought to be an aussie shep/retriever mix, but who knows. All I know is she is a total cutie and a total love!
Good luck with your little muppet, she is truly magical!


catie said...

hey there, brittan!
i agree, the honey-scent of beeswax is one of my favorite things.
i clicked my way through to your beautiful blog - are there any photos of your new puppy? i know that these special dogs will adapt to their physical limitations & live very happy lives.
so glad you stopped by ♥

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