Tuesday, October 8, 2013

earthly delights farm :: fall harvest festival 2013

we've been members of
earthly delights csa for 5 years.

we love our weekly produce.
we love our farmer, casey.
our connection to the farm
enriches our lives beyond measure.

the earthly delights farm
fall harvest festival
happened last saturday.
we look forward to this all year long.
it is hands-down our favorite event.
here are some reasons why...



adorable people

delicious food
{this dip won the local food contest}

{our 2013 farm interns}




intense competition
{sack races}
{3-legged races}

awesome prizes
{aka winter squash}

and a live pie auction
{i'm not even making this up}

the auctioneer
{casey's grandpa - he's a local celebrity}
{with ron, casey's dog}

the bakers


the auction

the winners
{with their pies & bakers}

earthly delights farm
is accepting a few new csa members
for the 2014 season.
all the info is on their website.

our farm


Emily said...

Love this!

Intern Michael said...

Thanks Catie for the awesome pictures! I'm going to share this with those who couldn't make it.

catie said...

hey michael!
thanks for sharing ♥

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