Wednesday, October 30, 2013

fruits & vegetables {with a side of muppet}

with lots of candy on the horizon,
i figured i'd mention my health elixir.
behold, the green smoothie.
life is better when i have a green drink
every. single. day.
today, i drank two of these {that's 32 ounces}.
the other waits patiently until the morrow.
green smoothies will stay fresh
in the fridge for a few days.

i loosely follow this recipe.

i've also been taking juice plus
every day since march.
i used to buy this through my doctor
when i was pregnant with ned,
but now, jan is a distributor,
so i buy it through her.

ned takes it, too.
he takes half the adult dose.
he swallows the capsules with
a spoonful of yogurt {great tip}.

for more information, go here.


and here's your side of muppet
she has some astounding new tricks {really}
that i will share here soon.
but this tiny wag that she does
makes my heart do flip-flops.


Emily said...

I have Graham on JP. I get it free by placing one more order, and participating in a childrens' study. So, I started taking it too. I feel my sleep is more sound since taking it. And, the research is amazing on this product. I love the yogurt tip, as Aaron still gags when swallowing pills. He hates the JP gummies, and I agree, they are nasty. Really great tip and I am so glad you shared it!

catie said...

emily ~ ned is doing the study & his is free, too! ♥

catie said...

and i hope the yogurt tip helps!
applesauce also works as a vegan alternative ♥

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