Monday, June 21, 2010

bursting with pride!

on friday night,
i could hear faint peeping ♫
from inside the egg.

on saturday night,
the egg "pipped" (first tiny hole)
and peeped a little louder.

on sunday night,
the cracks were growing.
we even saw a tiny duck bill poke out.
the egg shook & almost rolled.
the peeping was impossible to ignore.

this morning (monday),
here is what i saw in the incubator:

i moved our tiny duckling to the brooding box
(with a heat lamp, thermometer, straw,
food, water, & a teddy bear)

just like a baby,
the duckling cries (peeps) when left alone.
he wants to be talked to & wants to be held.
i have to tuck him in with the teddy bear
so he feels secure & falls asleep.

his (or her) name is pip.
we love him (or her) so much.

p.s. we still have another egg in the incubator.
it is about 10 days younger.


Sandi said...

oh Catie.... pip is soooo precious. And.. I love how when you tuck him (her?) into the little teddy bear pip feels secure enough relax and sleep. You photography is breahtaking. And. I too love pip. Very much. :) Love San

Dawn said...

oh. my. goodness....I am in LOVE with little Pip❤ My hubby could not believe this when I showed him the pics this morning....good luck with your little guy :)

sewmuchwhimsy said...

This is so just so precious!!! I know Ned is about to burst with excitement! What will you do with sweet Pip? oxxoxo Gretchen

sewmuchwhimsy said...

One more thing...what does one feed a newborn duckling?

Dianne said...

Oh are kin to Mother Nature. Only you would be able to do this. I really felt the first egg was dry and now there is a second chance for a cousin to Pip. Amazing! What are you going to do with it? Ned will never let it go. I kept my pet duck Paul in our fenced back yard for years. He loved it and felt very human.

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Only you...darlin', only you! P R E C I O U S!

MA said...

What a wonderous story! Make sure you fill us in on Pip's sibling!! And a teddy for a duckling? Perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Cute little duckling but I worry about that cat. Love, Mom

catie said...

gretchen & dianne ~

what will we do with pip? we'll see!

and i'm feeding him "flock raiser" - it is non-medicated poultry feed (looks like grape nuts).

Dianne said...

Oh Catie, I agree with your mom...where is Rudy? Be careful!

catie said...

mom & dianne ~
don't worry, we are keeping the cat away.
pip's box is in the pantry (for now).
when we are not with him, the door is closed.
he is so active.
even yesterday - the day he hatched! - he was trying to scale the box wall & escape.
we might move him to the kids' bathroom, and you can be sure we will keep the door closed.

Anastasia Egórova said...

It's so touching you saw how she was born and grew up and now she became mother...

catie said...

hi, anastasia!
it is amazing, isn't it?
so glad to have you here ♥

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