Sunday, June 13, 2010

a picture from ned

today is really busy at our house.
gardening, cooking, cleaning.
so, i asked ned for some help with today's post.

he came up with this...

the title is birthday.
(he is counting the days until november.)
this is ned holding his beloved bunny.
2 balloons & 2 frezents.
although when he explained,
he said unmistakeably "PResents"...
my little guy is growing up.


Dawn said...

oh shoot have to remind him it is "frezents"!
My youngest used call kiwi "pussy willows" and Mt. Rainier "Mt Reindeer", I didn't have the heart to correct him because I loved his "words" sooo much!!

Emily said...

It is sad when they start to give up their cute words! Love Ned's artwork.

Dianne said...

My grown son Andy had a beloved rabbit too. He is still here with me now...I cannot part with him. I just love seeing him when I enter Andy's old room. I love the picture...belly button and all!

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