Thursday, June 3, 2010

marian mabel


is now this
i have been digging through marian's baby photos
for the 5th grade "farewell" slideshow at school.
she has only a handful of elementary school days left.

i had to take her picture today
because i could tell that she had changed overnight.
do you ever notice this about your kids?
all of a sudden, something is forever different.

{love you, mims}


sewmuchwhimsy said...

Marian is so pretty..she looks so much like Ned! Blink your eyes and she'll be jumping out of a plane...that's what my baby girl (20) did today! xoxo Gretchen

mary said...

such cute pictures!
Love your style Marian! :)

Anonymous said...

My she has grown! Although I am not there throughout the days, I 'see' she has changed. I remember the day she was born!
Love you guys,

catie said...

yes, yes...
missy was there for marian's birth (at home).
right as she walked through my bedroom door, my water broke!
afterward, i believe she canned cherries in my kitchen. ♥

Dawn said...

Catie...she is just so beautiful!!! xoxo Marian!

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