Wednesday, June 9, 2010


i'm sort of a tea freak.
i need it first thing in the morning.
then, i drink it all. day. long.
i drink black tea with cream and sugar.
i like all kinds of tea: earl grey, english breakfast, even lipton.
but my favorite has always been
republic of tea
vanilla almond
i have been drinking this tea for more than 15 years.  seriously.
{i'm drinking it as i write this post!}
obsessed?  you could say that.
i think that you would be alarmed to know
just how many cups of tea i drink in a day.

it began innocently enough as this

but when 50 cups of tea was not enough,
it became this
i "special order" it from the boise co-op.
1 full pound of loose black tea
blended with vanilla beans & chopped almonds.

here is my teapot, short & stout
a mother's day frezent years ago
it is from bee house (get yours here)
it has a little basket to hold the loose tea
(L♥Ve it!)

this is what i add to my piping hot cup of tea
so, it's not truly "cream & sugar"
but, half&half and stevia (all-natural sweetener).
curious about stevia?  click here
curious about the republic of tea?  click here

i think you'll need a cup of tea
before you start clicking around, though.
i know i will.


Emily said...

Peeps, listen to Catie! Thanks to Catie, I have been enjoying this Vanilla Almond tea for months! And yes, like Catie I buy it in bulk. I only use half and half and the sweetness is enough for me. Love your tea pot Catie

Dawn said...

I still have a couple of tea bags of this you sent to is delicious!! I drink tea ALL DAY too! I love this one, earl grey (my all time go to tea) and the coconut chai I found not too long ago!!

Dianne said...

*If I drink tea hot it is earl grey, if I drink tea cold it is Arizona green tea....BUT...I am embarassed to tell you that I am addicted to Diet Coke! Love them! Drink them all day!!!!! Can't help myself.

martha said...

i took you up on the recc a few months ago-think i'll go get me a cup!
{I do like my morning coffee too}
wish i had mixed up some scones-gotta get back to those! :)

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