Sunday, June 6, 2010

gardening: raised beds

ned has built some raised beds for me.

he filled them with soil and baby plants.

these 2 are on the patio, just outside the kitchen.
one is full of herbs & one is full of sugar snap peas.
they are the only ones built for sitting on concrete.
there are several more around our yard
that sit on top of the existing soil,
true "raised beds" that have the benefit of much deeper soil.

{guess the home depot kids workshops are paying off!}


Dianne said...

Boy should you be proud!! That is amazing.

Amber said...

Love, love, love the fact that Ned took his shirt off to work in the yard! Such a big boy. :)

Emily said...

What an accomplishment! Ned, you rock!

martha said...

fantastic! Please put Ned on a plane to Nashville tomorrow am for some additional garden work at 604 Crofton Pk Ln! Need him NOW! Benefits: sweet dog and cat for company and will take him for ice cream and all his fave requests! :)
Seriously, good work-ENJOY the fruit of his labors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

catie said...

thanks for the sweet comments, ya'll.
i have read them to ned.
he is beaming with pride : )

martha ~
ned would have such a great time at crofton pk ln with you & prince william!
he loves ice cream.

jill said...

how wonderful and what a terrific craftsman!! the bonus will be to see what grows in the wonderful beds he has created...the fun has only just begun! good work ned!!

martha said...

oh yes the would Catie! Holly ,too, would SCOOP Ned right up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Wow.....I never! That Ned is sumpin'!

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