Monday, June 14, 2010

earthly delights: csa bounty week 4

our share for this week:
pirat lettuce head (mmm... like butter)
chinese cabbage 'bilko'
easter egg radishes
garlic scapes (curly garlic flower buds & stems)
'sugar ann' sugar snap peas
'bright lights' rainbow chard
redbor kale
red giant west indian mustard greens (wasabe!)
chocolate mint (rumored to be the best mint on the planet)
curious about our csa farm?  click here
curious about a csa farm in your neck of the woods?  click here
how do i turn all this into dinner?
what i make for dinner most mondays (our pickup day)
is a GIANT salad with grilled chicken & tofu
(click here for my salad dressing & marinade recipe)
and a lovely baguette.
bon appetit!


Dianne said...

What a great way to spend Monday...gathering and preparing something so healthy. I support our local farmers on's always fun and interesting. Each week something new has been harvested....peaches are coming in now. Yum!

martha said...

we have weekend farmers mkt 3 min away...
also they JUST started offering Tuesday afternoons...if it ever gets abit cooler will hasten on over there! It has been mid-upper 90s and high humidity-i don't love the heat...
Your kids are adorable....treasures!

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