Thursday, June 17, 2010

refill & recharge

i'm running on empty.
this week has been really busy.
i keep telling myself, i'll get to it later.

when i reach for the cinnamon sugar shaker
(please tell me you have one, too),
only to discover that it is empty,
i have an unpleasant "grrrrr" feeling.
it's been a recurring theme this week.

add to that the "low battery" on my camera, cell phone, laptop,
and a couple burned-out lightbulbs.
everything is in need of a refill.

for me, it's the little things.
 topping off the pepper grinder
somehow helps to top off my mental reserves.

i filled my gas tank yesterday,
and today is the day to replenish things at home.

that's better.

do you have things that need a refill?

want some inspiration?
check out this video.
makes me want to take an african dance class...
after i recharge my phone.


Dawn said...

yes...I have a cinnamon sugar shaker...mine is a little bigger than yours with 3 teenage boys!!! It seems something here always needs refilling or recharging, alot of the time it's me!! Thank goodness for a cup of tea and my book!! xoxo

Amber said...

I call it a "cycle of neglect". Typically, I'll keep on truckin' until my "to do" list invades my sleep. Then I kick myself a little when I realize the whole list can be knocked out in half an hour.

Dianne said...

I too have a cinnamon/sugar shaker. What would toast or sweet potatoes be without it?
I must admit I am running on empty too...a sick man can do that to you. It's harder than a sick baby. :)

martha said...

Hope you refill and refresh this weekend, sweet Catie! :)

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