Monday, May 2, 2011

:: pucker up ::

i'm making an effort to eat even healthier.
more fruit, more veggies, more color.
one thing i'm adding
is a grapefruit-a-day.
i eat little bits throughout the day
{i can't handle the whole thing at once}


and, speaking of color...

love these new lilly pulitzer animal cracker boxes
she has a "cracker tracker" on her website.
{click the link above & see if you can find me}

ned's block robot
{his hair is awesome}

ned made this for his friend
i am dedicating it to my dear friend
who is celebrating her birthday today.
happy birthday, sandi!


Dawn said...

WHERE did you find the Lily P animal crackers???? I looked for them last year and missed out!!!

catie said...

winco ♥

Dawn said...

really?? i will check mine...i wonder if they only go to random locations across the country, since they track them...what section?? i might have a little grad party :) for Lucy and her friends, and these would be sooo cute!

Pam said...

I love grapefruit and need to eat more of it! Love your photos Catie..and what the heck is a winco? :)

catie said...

pam, winco is my grocery store {dawn's, too}. their low prices are comparable with walmart & they have great produce. their name stands for washington, idaho, nevada, california, oregon, but their headquarters is boise.

Denise said...

Catie - I have been searching high and low for the Lily animal crackers!!! Never heard of a Winco. Maybe I can find them at Fresh Market (fingers crossed) when I'm visiting my mom next weekend. Ned's robot is TOO cool!

Denise said...

Almost forgot... I get my daily dose of grapefruit in my Fresca. ;-)

Emily said...

I'll look for the Winco the next time I am in California. I love grapefruit! My grandmother eats half a grapefruit everyday. Ruby red is her favorite!

Dianne said...

I love grapefruit!! I also love Fresca spiked with red wine!!! :)
Ned is sooo very creative, like his mother.

Sandi said...

awwwww... Thank you for dedicating Ned's wonderful drawing to me for my birthday Catie!! :) I love it. Ned is VERY talented. (Yup, as Dianne said.. like his mother. :)
love, San

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