Monday, December 12, 2011

:: christmas goodness ::

i'm finally getting ready
because he's coming to town
ned asked santa for a rubik's cube.
mrs. claus said she thought 
he was near the top of the nice list.
that should help his odds.


Anonymous said...

Ned always asks for the neatest gifts. Never very greedy. Remember the snow globe? How precious is he!!
As for your decorating...I am coveting all those red books. :)
xo Dianne

Pam said...

oh I love that sweet Ned! Will (9) asked for a typewriter. I'm still searching ebay for a working one :)

love all your Christmas goodness!! xo

Emily said...

I love all of the Christmas jolly you have tucked here and there.
I'm sure Ned is at the very tippy top of the nice list!

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