Tuesday, December 20, 2011

:: marian cheers ::

today was marian & ned's last day of school.
they don't go back until wednesday, january 4th.
so, early this morning {like, 8 am},
eagle middle school had a holiday

they really did a great job,
and had lots of fun out there.
i was SO proud of her.
{i welled-up with tears, so proud}

go colts!
go marian!

thank you, emily, for being a good big sister 
& getting up at 6 & curling marian's hair
& watching her performance with me.


Emily said...

Marion is absolutely adorable!!!!!

Emily said...

Sorry, Marian. Richard's grandmother spells it the masculine way, so it is habit!

Anonymous said...

I had tears too--so wish I could have been there!!! Love, Grandma

Dianne said...

Your girls are bonding only as sisters can. :

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