Sunday, December 11, 2011

i can't believe i'm doing this...

marian has a friend over today.
it took all i had to rent this movie for them
but, guess what?
it's good.

i have ON PURPOSE not learned
any justin bieber songs.
but i think this movie about his 
do-it-yourself rise to superstardom
has maybe won me over.

bieber fever?
not even close.
but he's really, really adorable.

this is my favorite part
{he reminds me of another irreverently goofy little boy}

p.s. i should also confess that, earlier this week,
i bought some of this as a birthday gift
the tiniest size, because it's spendy.
does it surprise you that it smells really good?
or that the only places to buy it at our mall
were macy's & sephora?


Angie said...

My daughter is in LOVE with Bieber! I also got her the perfume for xmas! I haven't seen the movie yet, but my daughter has several times!

catie said...

angie ~ you should rent it from redbox. i was shocked that i liked it {and liked HIM}!

Dawn said...

I agree..this is a really good movie, and completely changed my view of him..I think he is a sweet boy!

Emily said...

It's funny. He gets such a bad wrap, but I don't get it cause someone out there sure likes him! He is making the big bucks!

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