Sunday, December 4, 2011

my two new winter treasuries

do you know that i love winter?
well, i do.
and i couldn't stop at just one winter treasury,
i had to make two.
i love winter in many ways.
one is achingly beautiful icy wonderland.
another is bright & warm & cozy.
i think they represent my love of
winter outside {frost & snowflakes}
and winter inside {fireplaces & hot cocoa}

come see this frosty treasury {here}

come see this cozy treasury {here}


Dianne said...

Love, love, love the snowy one! I too am a winter person. Love the ice and snow and colder temps.

Emily said...

Thanks again for including two of my items in your treasuries! xoxo

Dawn said...

I love both of these!! thank you for including my cards :) xoxo

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