Wednesday, December 14, 2011

:: ned's desk ::

right after school started this year,
our dear friend at the library,
~ miss ruby ~
{she was ned's VERY first teacher at miss ruby's storytime}
asked me if ned might like to have
her daughter's vintage school desk.
{her daughter is all grown up, now}

ned said, "yes, please!"

this was perfectly timed with ned's
very first week of first grade homework.
sweet serendipity.

the desk is a beautiful combination of
beauty and function,
hardwood and steel.
its metal parts are painted blue,
ned's very favorite color.

he LOVES this desk.
i love that it is oh-so-stylish,
holds his homework & library books,
and gives him a perfect spot to
do his math & spelling papers.
{the desk top can adjust to be flat or angled}

thank you, miss ruby!

here's a little photo of ned, age 3, at miss ruby's storytime.

here he is at age 4, going on a bear hunt.
{there's miss ruby in the center}
we were regulars.


Dianne said...

People can't help but fall in love with you and your family no matter where you go. Me included. :)

Emily said...

Miss Ruby is a "gem".

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