Friday, December 2, 2011

i don't even have to make this stuff up

this morning, we were in a rush.
i was helping ned tie his shoes.
he squirmed and made a face and said,
"there's a piece of brook in my shoe."
i think he meant bark {from the playground}
but do you know what it was?
a furry self-adhesive mustache.

that's right, i just said:
a furry self-adhesive mustache.
a pickle in the washer?
a mustache in the shoe??
what next???

then, around 1:00 i came back home
from helping in ned's classroom.
i was horrified to find
our funny, sweet, playful goldfish
as dry as beef jerky on the bathroom floor.
i think i might have mentioned that she
had been rescued from a similar escape
once before, but it was a split-second rescue.

today, i had been gone all morning,
so i have no idea how long she had been
a fish out of water {ahem} but she was dry.
real dry.
i whispered a little sad prayer for the goldfish
i didn't expect to like, let alone love.

for some unknown reason, 
instead of giving her a flush,
i plunked her back in her fishbowl.
she sank stiffly to the bottom.
i stood there with a sad face,
missing her.

and then...
i thought i saw her little mouth move.
then her gill flaps... flapped.

holy mackerel! {ahem}
she was alive!!
she IS alive!!!

she is still in critical condition,
but she is hanging in there.
i hand-fed her tonight 
to help her keep up her strength.
please say a little prayer for fin.
my soulful fish.

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

also today,
in a land, far, far away
from pickles and mustaches and goldfish,
a tiny prince was born.

welcome to the world, will.
your arrival has created new parents,
grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
you are loved beyond measure.
yes, you are a treasure.


gretchen said...

Aww, Catie, I loved this post! It's no surprise to me that Fin decided to hang on after you showed up! You loved him back to life..just like you did with the duckas! BTW how are the duckas?
xoxo G

catie said...

hi, gretchen!
every time i take a walk, i visit pippa. i haven't seen the other 2 in a long time. not sure if they are blending in with the others, or if they are at other ponds.

our sweet fish passed away in the night.
we miss her fishy fun.
bless you, sweet fin.

gretchen said...

Oh I hope the kids weren't too upset. :(

Dianne said...

Oh Catie every creature loves you enough to hang in there a little longer. :)
Indeed a prince was born on this day! Our precious little Will.

Emily said...

So sorry to hear of Fin's passing, but I know you did everything possible to help her!

Dawn said...

i cannot make up this happy and then sad to read about fin, she was a lucky fish :)..oh and sweet baby will, precious~

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