Tuesday, December 13, 2011

:: date night ::

last friday night was date night
for me & my little guy.

long ago, i bought a family pass to the
and after more than 3 years in the making,
they are finally up & running.
they officially open this friday {dec. 16},
but last friday was a members-only event.
we were in attendance
{ned is touching a baby shark in the shark nursery}

then we headed downtown for dinner
at one of our favorite places,
{very fun & very packed ~ not many first graders in this crowd}
they make a huge effort to buy
locally-grown produce, and our csa
is one of their suppliers.
and they make amazing mac & cheese.

good times.


Denise said...

The perfect date night.... I love it!

Anonymous said...

What a cute date ... is his dance card full? :)

Angie said...

Ty asked if Ned was famous since he was on the computer! Will have to check out the aquarium for sure, didn't even know about it!

Emily said...

I love your date night with Ned!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the new Aquarium Catie? I didn't know it was finished.

catie said...

how's this for a speedy reply?
it only took me 5 months!!
the aquarium is at the corner of cole & franklin.
hope you have found it by now : )
here is the website: http://www.idahoaquarium.net/

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