Thursday, December 22, 2011

:: little slip of paper ::

i have been quietly mourning the loss
of a precious little slip of paper,
for nearly two months.

in my exhaustive search for it,
i emptied our giant 95 gallon recycling bin
piece. by. piece.

today, as i was cleaning my office, i found it.

emily made this cherished little drawing
thirteen years ago.
she was four years old.
when she gave it to me,
she said, "i made it myself."

i carried this in my wallet for years.

i love it so much.

i love the little-orphan-annie eyes.

i love everything about it.

and now,
i love that i don't have to miss it anymore.


gretchen said...

awww...merry christmas catie!!

Dianne said...

I love the hair!! So glad you found it. Merry Christmas!

Emily said...

It's like receiving all over again!

Dawn said...

OH this made my Christmas!! I am so so happy you found this treasure...I know how much you were missing it!! xoxo

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