Thursday, January 5, 2012

:: baked apples with mexican chocolate ::

i made these on new year's eve,
timed to be done just after midnight

this was warm & festive,
perfect for new year's eve.

mexican chocolate looks like this
i had it on hand
{because we love it - we used to drink it here},
but this recipe would be delicious
with any type of chocolate.
or nutella, for that matter.
keep in mind, though, that mexican chocolate is not very melty,
so a softer chocolate might be better to add
when you add the marshmallows at the end.

want more?
how 'bout them apples?


Emily said...

I've never seen anything like this!
Great idea for when we go camping too!

martha said...

yummo...drooling now!

Dawn said...

oh goodness...I must try this version...I love mexican hot chocolate..hmmm...I forgot I had some in my pantry!

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