Sunday, January 15, 2012

vegetarian comfort food :: woodland porridge

i receive food & wine recipes
delivered to my inbox.  daily.  for free.
this one arrived yesterday morning
& i knew i wanted to try it immediately.

it is from anna thomas's
the new vegetarian epicure
{1996, so not that new}
side note:
long ago, i cooked from the vegetarian epicurebooks 1 & 2

i started preparing this in the early afternoon,
{roasting the squash, caramelizing the onions}
making our house smell wonderful,
and we ate it last night.
it was outrageously good.
smoky & warm & earthy
: roasted butternut squash :
: sage & caramelized onion :
: smoked gouda, parmesan, & pine nuts :
{the recipe is right here}
. . . . .
i cut the time & fuss in half by skipping the
refrigerate for 3 hours & bake for 1 hour,
opting to eat it straight from the pot,
topped with wild mushrooms & more parmesan.
. . . . .
i have renamed it woodland porridge.

the smoked gouda reminded me of bacon.
{in a good way}
it's the meatiest thing
this vegetarian girl has eaten
in quite some time.

cold weather comfort food,

p.s. thank you ann-ban,
for the yummy wild mushrooms!


Emily said...

Well yum!
I love The Vegetarian Epicure! Must sign up for these emails.
Thanks for sharing this recipe Catie.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm :)

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