Friday, January 27, 2012

first grade art :: paul klee

i introduced ned's class to
:: paul klee ::
{say "clay"}

we learned about abstract art, 
and how it is different from realistic art.

we looked at this
{around the fish}

and this
{blick der stille ~ translation: gaze of silence}

and this
{red balloon}

and this
{theater mountain construction}

we talked about color,
and how paul klee used line and color
to draw our attention to certain things
and to move our eyes around his paintings.

we reviewed the primary colors,
and how to mix them to create secondary colors.

we made these

more paul klee is coming tomorrow.
come back to see what we did with this


Dianne said...

I would say Ned's class is very lucky!

Emily said...

This is spectacular!
I love what the kids have done, but then again, they have a great teacher!

mary said...

catie~ these are gorgeous! You could copy them to sell as posters for a school fundraiser! let me know if you have questions...i've done it.

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