Thursday, January 26, 2012

:: vegan coconut curry ::

i made a vegan coconut curry
this week that was really delicious.

here's my recipe:

about an hour before you begin,
make a pot of brown basmati rice.
{brown rice = better rice}

1. saute aromatics in olive oil
onion, celery, carrot, garlic {plus salt & pepper}

2. add curry powder & grated ginger
get ready for everyone to ask,
"mmmmm... what are you cooking?"

3. add cubed tofu

4. add coconut milk

5. add a little brown sugar
& a pinch of crushed red pepper

6. add all extra veggies
yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, water chestnuts
potatoes {pre-cooked}, cauliflower, tomatoes

7. simmer
{just before serving, stir in thin strips of fresh basil}

while this simmers, make a big pan of
sauteed bok choi with snow peas.

serve the curry over the rice,
with a side of greens.

top everything with chopped green onions.



Dawn said...

well yum-O
Thanks, I needed more veggie dishes!

gretchen said...

Catie, how much coconut milk do you use? This is on for this weekend!!!! xoxo

catie said...

gretchen, i used 2 cans, but i made a huge pot of curry {we've been enjoying leftovers for a couple days}. i would start with one can, but have an extra in case it's not saucy enough. how's that for inexact science? : )

Emily said...

I love curry!!!! I do not use tofu. I just don't like tofu unless it is smashed and mixed with lots of other stuff!
Catie, this picture is making me so hungry right now!

gretchen said...

I made it for dinner tonight and it was a big hit! I love your recipes! xoxoxo

catie said...

so glad you liked it, gretchen!

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