Monday, January 9, 2012

:: mason jar travel mug ::

a mason jar
it can be a snowglobe {source}
it can be a lantern {source}
and with it's water tight lid
and sturdy construction,
it can also be
a travel mug.

at $8.00 a dozen {that's the price at my grocery store},
it can be a really affordable travel mug.

hot tea

ice water

green juice 

green juice stored for later

mason jars are perfect for storing leftovers
or extra coffee {think: iced coffee}.
glass is almost always a better choice
than plastic, especially for hot foods.

other mason jar
portable possibilities include:
bowl of cereal
{with milk in a separate jar}
cup of soup
saucy noodles
beans & rice
cream of wheat

try this:
bring your eco-chic mason jar & lid
the next time you stop for a latte.



Dawn said...

darlin...i love you!! I use mason jars as my everyday glasses...boys have not broken one yet :) many fruits/veggies did you juice to get that much juice?? usually mine makes just enough for one of the small duralex glasses (eg. today was 2 celery stalks, 1/2 cucumber, a few big leaves of kale, and 2 green apples (1 big, 1 small)....I would like to make extra for Toby or to save for later :)

catie said...

hmmm... i guess this was one whole cucumber, a big bunch of kale, a big bunch of spinach, a few celery stalks, 1/2 pear, a little lemon, a little ginger. the juiciest parts are the cucumber & celery, so maybe double those & add extra kale. big, fat broccoli stems are another good addition.

have you tried juicing carrots? {add a little bit of apple} it is so, so good. creamy, even ♥

Emily said...

Great mason jar ideas Catie!
I always add a little carrot to my juice.
You are right Catie, it makes it a lil creamy.
And, I think the lemon and ginger makes it extra special. Did you know? You can peel and cut ginger, then freeze it? It thaws quickly if you bring it out bit before juicing.

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