Monday, January 30, 2012

:: finding bobo ::

the other day,
i was minding my own business,
thumbing through a people magazine
that my mom brought at christmas
{dated dec 26, 2011}

when i found this

and, i said to myself,
hey, that looks my old friend, bobo.

and, lo and behold...
it is bobo.

he's busy finding bigfoot
on animal planet.

you can find them both

p.s. hi, bobo!
i still can't believe i found you in people magazine.
best of luck finding bigfoot.
my eyes are peeled here in idaho.


Emily said...

See, it is possible to find out what people are up to without Facebook. Ha! This is too funny!

Dianne said...

Be careful Bobo!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Alec and Jace LOVE that show. WE have to DVR it on Sunday night (past their bedtime) so they can watch it on Monday evening. They will die when I tell them you know Bobo. :) You'll be famous, at least in our household.

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