Tuesday, January 17, 2012

things that are making me happy today

anticipation of impending snow
read below:
"an enormous snowstorm will pelt the pacific northwest"

boy with cat

girl with pin curls

girl with sense of humor

mr. lap-of-luxury

happy ducks
{pip is there... in the center... see her?}


found here

found here


Emily said...

dreaming of snow for you!
I love the "Call your Girlfriend" video.
On another note, I made the polenta winter squash recipe you posted a couple of days ago.
I made a few changes.
Veg broth vs. water, fresh vs. dried sage, and no cheese. It reminded me of grits and stuffing all rolled into one. So, so good!

mary said...

very fun music vids catie. :) thanks!!

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