Wednesday, January 11, 2012


i had a day today
where everything i did
went just a little bit wrong.
not a completely crappy day,
just an irritatingly irksome day.

no one was injured,
nothing broke,
but each hour came and went
with it's own measure of 
disappointment and tedium:
curls that went flat instantly,
a forgotten appointment
{remembered at a most inconvenient time},
trouble with addition {as in, 2+2},
potatoes that were never mashed,
a bouquet of unmet expectations 
resulting in 
several flavors of guilt.
that sort of thing.

i feel fatigued.

to cheer myself,
i am throwing a little party.
just for me.
and you, too.
i am serving this, in a fancy glass,
and these
and some of this topped with this,
on a fancy plate.

i might even have one of these.

on this bummer of a day


mary said...

and I'm sending you one of these!
~{{BIG HUG}}~

catie said...

{{{hugs}}} right back, mary ♥

gretchen said...

I bet today will be better! xoxoxxo

catie said...

thanks, g : )
i'm off to a better start ♥

Dianne said...

I wish I could hug you! Today will indeed be better because your attitude is so great! xoxo

catie said...

hi, dianne!
thanks for the hug ♥
today is already better : )

Pam said...

I'm coming over for one of those drinks. I could use one too. I'll give you a big 'ol hug when I get there. :) xo

catie said...

yay, pam! you will love a huckleberry vodka press! this party is getting better & better ♥

Nicki said...

Thanks for making all those yummies for us, Catie! Today was better, right?

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Will you PLEASE have another party? So sorry I missed you. You really are the hostess with the mostess! I hope Friday is utterly FABULOUS!

catie said...

nicki & vava,
you are both invited to my next pity party : ) it actually did wonders for my mood. today was waaaaaaaay better ♥

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