Friday, March 9, 2012

:: breakfast of champions ::

eagle hills elementary teaches and celebrates
positive character traits, like honesty and sharing.
ned was recognized today
at the breakfast of champions for showing
don't you love all the teacher high-fives?

this is ned with his wonderful teacher,
mrs. morgan.
{we absolutely adore her}

in other ned news,
the surgery center called to say
that his surgery {tonsils & adenoids} 
has been moved up to next wednesday.
he is pumped {for popsicles & ice cream}.
i am nervous {because it's surgery}.
please keep my sweet boy in your
thoughts & prayers.


Anonymous said...

Ned is on my prayer list. My little boy had the same surgery when he was about Ned's age. It will be fine. Relax. :)
xo Dianne

Anonymous said...

Prayers with you and Ned Catie. Love that little one of yours...he is a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

That award is so wonderful - way to go Ned!
You ran like the breeze through the teacher high five line!

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