Tuesday, March 13, 2012

:: feeling vote-y & a fifty dollar lollipop ::

for those of us in joint school district no. 2,
today is voting day.
the district has proposed a two-year levy 
to raise revenue for two things: 
1. to restore 9 instructional school days
{9 days/year from K-12th grade = 117 days - 70% of a school year}
2. to replace "one-time" sources of revenue
learn more here.
i voted YES.
it will mean higher property tax,
but our school district really needs the money.
since i was feeling so vote-y,
i wore my new o'bama 2012 shamrock t-shirt.
it's from here.

also today, i bought a lollipop.
a fifty dollar lollipop.
thankfully, insurance paid $30,
making it a $20 out-of-pocket lollipop.
it is a post-op lollipop that contains tetracaine,
to numb ned's throat so he can take his REAL pain medication.

ned's tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy
{and possible ear tube placement}
is tomorrow {wednesday}.
please keep him in your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Obama Mamma!! So pretty mom, how old are you again... 30? Teehee

Love Em

Emily said...

I hope all goes well with lil' Ned today. I know he will be okay!
And, our schools are in desperate need of money too. No one votes "yes" and then bitches when the schools fall short and are tight on budget, and then they send their kids to private schools, and then they end up paying even more!! Makes lots of sense, huh?

catie said...

em ~ the proof is in the pudding, love.
emily ~ looks like the levy passed! yay! and thank you for the well wishes for ned. he's still sleeping & won't be able to have breakfast, poor little guy : (

martha said...

Ned...hope all goes well...
nifty fifty lollipop! Never heard of such! He'll be so much better off after this surgery tho...
HUGS for you and your midweek!

Dawn said...

oh sweet Ned...you WILL feel better soon...sending hugs to you today Catie!! xoxo

Kim said...

Thinking of Ned. Eat lots of ice cream.........and I hope that lollipop is worth the loot! Looks kinda yummy!

Angie said...

I love your Obama shirt AND that you voted for the levy! I am sooo glad it passed!!!
Hope all went well with Ned and he is eating some ice cream by now! He's such a cutie!

Dawn said...

Catie...on the front page of the Obama.com web page...the family pictured regarding "reform" are our good friends! He was Toby's roommate in CA...Spike was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and wrote on op-ed article for the la times, and she has gotten SO much attention!!

catie said...

dawn, that's really cool! such a sweet photo with their kids. i love it when the right people get the attention they should ♥

Anonymous said...

Fun t-shirt!
They should make lollipop medicine for adults, too.

Anastasia Egorova said...

I hope so much Ned is fine!!!!
And I'm so happy Obama won!:)

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