Wednesday, March 21, 2012

this boy

went to school today
just for the afternoon,
and he is wiped out.

when he walked into his classroom,
after being gone an entire week,
everyone said, "yay, ned!"
then, one sweet boy {ty} gave him a hug.
then, the entire class came up
and surrounded ned in the sweetest
and most orderly group hug
that i have ever witnessed.
{thank you, mrs. morgan, for letting this happen right in the middle of class}
and boy, do i wish i had my camera.

kind of reminded me of this song


Emily said...

Cheers for Ned!!!
Boy Catie, hold on to that moment for a very long time. Kids are so sweet to each other at Ned's age. It is so very tender.....

Denise said...

So sweet.... I'm glad that Ned was feeling well enough to go back to class for the afternoon. Boy, is that Ned loved...

Angie said...

<3 it!!! So glad Ned and Ty get to be on the same team together!!!

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