Sunday, March 4, 2012

:: weekend ::

today has been the most relaxing day.
i really needed it.

this little guy has been sick.
so he and i stayed home and took it easy.
{we will see the ear, nose, & throat specialist tomorrow}

these guys skied bogus basin today.
{our local mountain ~ just a 45 minute drive}
never mind that the big guy was diagnosed 
with pneumonia less than one week ago.

this girl 
{in the blue dress and crazy platform sandals}
thinks that now she is 18,
every weekend is a road trip.
{last weekend to redding & chico}
{this weekend to santa rosa}


gretchen said...

Catie, don't you know that every weekend IS a reason for a road trip!! Hope everyone at your house gets completely well soon! I bet you'd be healthier if you lived in Charlotte..just sayin. :)

Angie said...

Hope Ned is feeling better! My daughter has had a cough and stayed home today.

Dawn said...

I hope Ned's appt went well today, and you have a game plan...hope he and Rich are feeling perfect soon!!

p.s. and oh to be Emily!!! Love her!

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