Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sick of sickness

ned's appointment with the
ear, nose, & throat specialist yesterday
determined that his tonsils & adenoids need to go.
he might need ear tubes, as well.

so, that's what we'll be doing in three weeks.
for spring break.

in the meantime, 
his antibiotics are making him ill.
it's not fun or pleasant and he can't go to school.

we are in that exhausting pattern
where we solve one problem
just as a new one arises.
it's called whack-a-mole.
i'm realizing that there is no such thing
as a "normal week" anymore.
whack-a-mole is the new normal.

i wish there was a prize at the end.

but on the bright side,
i have a brand new baby orchid.
the little teapot is from my sweet pal, mary ann,
and it used to be in a kindergarten classroom.


Emily said...

Oh sweet Ned, I'm so sorry you have to do this on your spring break!
But, I do hope it makes you feel better in the long run.
Hope you can get some calms in your coming weeks Catie.

Anonymous said...

This sounds way too familiar... been there and done that sort of thing!! Ned, hope you feel better soon. The ear tubes really do make a difference!
xo Dianne

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