Monday, March 26, 2012

:: easy vegetarian dinner ::

i found this recipe years ago
on stephanie nielson's food blog, cuisinenie.

the organic mushrooms, baby spinach, and onion
in my fridge made me think of it today.
it is so delicious, and couldn't be easier to make.
i love that her recipe
starts with the unassuming question,
"do you have bread?"

when i made this tonight,
i just made it from memory.
i sauteed the onion,
then the mushrooms,
then the spinach,
adding salt & pepper after each addition.
i melted grated jarlsberg cheese
into the sauteed mixture,
and served it on buttered toast
with just a little balsamic vinegar.



Anonymous said...

This looks delicious...I love all the ingredients! Do you eat meat at all Catie? How does Rich feel about no meat?
xo Dianne

catie said...

hi, dianne!
no, i'm not eating any meat at all.
rich is fine with no meat - but i think he orders steaks when he travels.

Emily said...

look so, so good Catie! Richard does not eat mushrooms, unless they are tiny and with lots of other ingredients. Will eat this when he travels!

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