Thursday, March 15, 2012

guest post: ned

Today, I rested on the couch with Bunny
and watched Curious George and Garfield.
I am feeling a lot better,
but my throat still hurts a little bit.  
The best thing for my throat is cold milk.
My grandma and grandpa
sent me a get-well box
with lots of money
and some lemonheads
and a baseball shirt
and bubbles
and books. 
It made me feel lots better.
J Love, Ned


Emily said...

Hi there Ned!
I know you will feel better soon, I just know it!
You have the best grandparents in the whole world.
Enjoy your rest time.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ned, I am so glad you are feeling better. What wonderful grandparents you have! Take it easy this weekend.
xoxo Dianne

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