Tuesday, July 17, 2012

at rembrandt's coffee house TONIGHT!

do you live near eagle?
i just found out about
a very cool FREE event happening tonight.
from 7 - 9 pm.
this is one of 50 nationwide events
inviting average adults to come find
the creative outlet they have been searching for.
read more right here.

rembrandt's is also serving
a spaghetti dinner starting at 6pm.
{dinner is $6.95}

just to be clear,
this is mainly an adult event,
but older children are welcome.
i will be there,
and i'm bringing marian {she's 13}.

it is encouraged, but not necessary,
to register and print your free tickets here.

p.s. thank you, sandi,
for letting me know about this,
all the way from cape cod!


Sandi said...

Oh Catie... I am SO EXCITED that you are going to this tonight!!! I want to hear every sweet detail when you get the chance to share them. Rembrandt's looks like such a wonderful place to have this too...So much GOODness there! (thanks too, for the 'link' you so kindly shared in your blogpost too! you are so sweet) :) with Love From Cape Cod... xoxo Sandi

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Hi Catie,

I found you though Sandi, who I "met" through Etsy, and I am excited that both of you are "Brave Girls". I would love to hear all about your evening at Rembrandt's! It sounds like a magical place!

Emily said...

How wonderful!!!!

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