Wednesday, July 18, 2012

jumpstart creativity + brave girls + rembrandt's = awesome

last night was
so. much. fun.
jess and melody explained
their personal missions
{see jess's here and melody's here}
and the limitless possibilities for the evening.
then, with tables full of supplies and inspiration,
we were turned loose,
and all sorts of amazing art started happening.

one of the highlights
was this overflowing vintage suitcase.
we were free to dig through it to find
maps & sheet music & other treasures.
{someone even found a gold watchband}
somehow it seemed to grow more and more full
throughout the night.

another big hit was this antique typewriter.
melody had a line of kids waiting for
their very own, personalized, hand-typed poem

i loved these bits of brave girl inspiration
this one is the message i need most

the jumpstart creativity tour tabletop shop
the jumpstart creativity tour vehicle
{all the way from massachusetts}

melody & jess

me & melody
thank you, jess & melody, for such a fun event.
{and to sandi, who made sure i didn't miss it}


Dawn said...

This looks so cool!!!

Sandi said...

oh Catie... this is wonderful! Thank you so much for taking all these beautiful photos and for sharing them here! I love that you and Marion were able to go to this and that you had such fun. There is such beautiful women-spirit energy happening here... it ia all so magical. I really DID have my hand in your's as you enjoyed all of it!. I love you my friend. xoxoxo Sandi

kelly barton said...

oh wow!

i met jess 5 years ago at the very first squam.
i fell in love with her. i haven't met melody but
i can only imagine the space she held in there with jess.

thank you for sharing the images of all the fun.

pretty much looks like perfection.


Emily said...

So glad you went and look at all the kids who came too! What a fun night.

catie said...

it was really fun, and rembrandt's is such a beautiful place. thanks again, sandi, for letting me know what's going on in my little town!

kelly, i'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog! now i'm checking yours out {and your etsy shop}!

Christine said...

It was such a great event! Sorry we didn't get to meet.

Anonymous said...

so your stayle, i love it :)


Anonymous said...

I am marveling at all the creativity in the room!
You were so lucky to be there.
Love the typewriter poems and over-flowing vintage suitcase!
I "Feel the Spark". Thanks for sharing.

Celina Wyss said...

Great shots! It was fun and so nice to meet you!

catie said...

hi celina!
there's a great shot of you from our night at rembrandt's on melody's blog.
i am loving your blog - just left you a comment there ♥

Anastasia Egórova said...

Oh so fun!:)

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