Wednesday, July 4, 2012

:: fah-foo-lye ::

when marian was little,
she called today's holday

today, in las vegas,
my mom & dad are in a parade.
my mom is driving a convertible.
my dad is in a drill team.
you can bet i'll be back here
with some really good photos.

i will try again this year to capture
some slow-shutter-speed sparkler photos.
you have to try this.
here's one from last year:

today at the gardener's cottage,
janet has a peach crisp recipe and a link to
an article that will help you decide between
a meat hot dog or a meatless one.
{here's a hint: meat hot dogs are gross}

i will be making black bean burgers.

happy fah-foo-lye, ya'll.


Melissa @ Hilltop Hausfrau said...

Happy Fourth to you, neighbor to the south! Sounds (and looks like!) you and your family are celebrating...and eating...well.

Meat hotdogs ARE gross!

catie said...

hi melissa!
thanks stopping by & glad you won't be eating any hot dogs : )
i just visited your blog & etsy shop - love your bowl of rice print!
hope to see you here again ♥

Emily said...

Meat hot dogs are GROSS!
And, your black bean burger recipe is my favorite, so everyone who is reading needs to try it!!!!!!!!

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