Sunday, July 8, 2012

pupsicle :: a popsicle for your dog

your dog is about to get
really happy
it's pupsicle time!

pupsicle formula:

1. put several edible dog treats
in the bottom of a plastic container.
cover with water or broth and freeze.
{don't worry if the treats float before freezing}
2. once the first layer is frozen,
make another layer of dog-friendly food,
cover with water, and freeze.
3. continue making layers 
until your container is full of icy treats.
4. pop your pupsicle out of its mold & serve

our frozen layers were:
                       1. mini milk-bone type treats
                       2. peanut butter
                       3. cooked brown rice
                       4. regular dog food

verdict: maisy loved it.
and if you happen to have a gorilla,
you can throw together some
fruit juice, apples, & carrots
to make one like this


Emily said...

You are a funny girl!!!!!
This would be great for dogs left alone all day.
Give them something to do, vs. bark and bark!

Anonymous said...

Genius! And I love the name of it.
Maisie is so cute.

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