Thursday, July 5, 2012

best of yest{erday}

best eye-framing sparkles
best meatless burgers
{recipe is here}
best friends
best car-free transportation
best dramatic posing
best new trick
{snapping pop-its between their fingers}
best fireworks tip
{put your safe & sane fireworks atop a 6ft. ladder}
best at lighting things on fire
{even though i told him not to}
best drill team
{there's my dad, with drill}
{there's my mom, behind the wheel}
best attempt at spelling WOW
{sort of says NON}
best sparkler tricks
best A is for ashlyn
best M is for marian

hope your day was the best


Emily said...

These photos are so cool Catie!
You need to try walking fast with a candle or come up with other ideas to capture light. Have you tried taking a photo on slow shutter speed when your kids blow out their birthday cake candles?

Dianne said...

Your kids are adorable and your parents are even more so!!!!!

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