Thursday, August 9, 2012

planetbox {a zero waste lunchbox}

this is my second post in a row about
organization & compartmentalization.
can you tell what i'm focused on lately?
i bought two planetboxes
at the start of school last year.
we used them all year long,
almost every single day,
and i think they are an awesome choice
for an eco-friendly lunch.

i first heard of planetbox

on mary beth's blog, salt and chocolate.
you can see her posts about them
here, here, herehere, here, and here.
thank you, mary beth, for the recommendation.
we have loved our planetboxes.

planetbox works like this:

1) you fill the compartments like a tray,
then close & clip the top, 
and zip up the carrying case.

2) at lunchtime,

just unzip & open the case,
{the box sits inside the case during lunch}
undo the clasp & lift the top.
everything is open and visible.

3) once it comes back home,

i have folks polish-off any leftovers,
{we remove the optional decorative magnets}
then the stainless steel planetbox
can go straight into the dishwasher.
this feature was especially wonderful
and made it easy to have them clean
and ready to go the next morning.

here you have a veritable diary
of what i packed for lunch last year
click on an image for more detail,
then feel free to ask me what the heck IS that?

{wow, carrots are very well represented here}
you can see that i put the
smaller circular containers to good use.
i highly recommend those.
check them out here.

since last year when i bough ours,

planetbox has made a few changes -
more choices and a better carrying case.
there are now two styles to choose from:
the rover and the launch
ours are both the rover style,
which has more compartments, 
and they are smaller {better for kids, maybe}.
the launch has fewer compartments,
and they are larger {better for adults}.

both of our planetbox systems
{boxes, carry cases, extra containers}
are in great shape for another school year.
i think the only part that may ever
need replacing is the carry case.  
everything else is relatively indestructible.

planetbox has a page of 

packable meal ideas with grocery lists(!!!)
right here.
it's a great resource as we brace ourselves
for the back-to-school season.

we love our planetboxes.

{and no one paid me to say so}
i am committed to not using plastic bags
to pack my kids lunches,
{for a free alternative to ziplocs try these}
and planetbox makes it really easy.

i'd love to know what you pack for lunch

and how you pack it.


Emily said...

You need to be their spokesperson!!!!

Dawn said...

I agree with Em..I love all the pics, you are giving me great ideas for Lu's lunch!

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